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Preloved & Ex-Demos

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Albion K2 GP 17.5" Medium Brown

Colour : Brown Seat size: 17.5” Width: Medium/Wide Albion K2 GP   All our..


Barnsby Lexus Dressage Saddle

Barnsby Lexus Dressage SaddleIn used secondhand condition no major knocks to the pommel or cantle, s..


Bates Isobel Werth Dressage Saddle

Bates Isobel Werth Dressage Saddle This saddle is in brown leather.  A fantastic dres..


Bates Momentum Jump Saddle

Bates Momentum Jump SaddleThe saddle is in fully serviceable condition and although secon..


Chunky Monkey Working Hunter saddle

Chunky Monkey Working Hunter Saddle 17" XXW gulletBrown.These saddles are specially designed fo..


Dapple Dressage saddle

DabbleDressage saddleIn good second hand condition.  Generous knee blocks offering excellent ri..


Dapple Mono Flap Dressage Saddle

Dapple Monoflap Dressage SaddleIn great condition seat size 18", medium fitting, black with close co..


Exselle GP saddle

Colour : Black Seat size: 17.5” Width: Medium Exselle GP saddle   All our..


Frank Baines Elegance Dressage

Colour : Black Seat size: 17” Width: Medium/Wide Frank Baines Elegance Dressage &..


GFS GP Saddle

A GP saddle in good condition and useful for all disciplines.17.5" med/wide gullet in BrownA bargain..


Halifax Dressage Saddle

Halifax Dressage SaddleAnother more traditional dressage saddle allowing freedom for rider in both t..


Harry Dabbs Classic GP Saddle

Colour : Brown Seat size: 17.5” Width: Medium/Wide Harry Dabbs Classic GP   ..


Harry Dabbs Jump Saddle

Colour : Brown Seat size: 17.5” Width: Medium Harry Dabbs Jump Saddle   All ou..


Harry Dabbs XL GP saddle

Harry Dabbs XL GP Saddle 17" XW in Brown This is a stunning example of this saddle &n..


Ideal Dressage Saddle

Ideal Dressage SaddleA quality dressage saddle.   Double flap with knee roll mounted on th..


Ideal Impala Jump Saddle

Ideal Impala Jump SaddleThis  jump saddle was designed for well muscled competition horses ..


Ideal International GP Saddle

Ideal International GP SaddleA good all purpose saddle suitable for all purposesIn good condition bu..


Ideal Lynx Dressage Saddle

Ideal Lynx Dressage SaddleThis dressage saddle was designed primarily for warmblood and thoroughbred..


Ideal Suzannah Dressage Saddle

Ideal Suzannah Dressage SaddleThis dressage saddle has a deep seat and secure knee rolls.  ..


Jeffries Elite Dressage Saddle

Jeffries Elite Dressage SaddleIn secondhand condition this saddle does show signs of wear on the can..