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COVID-19 Notice: We are pleased to announce that we will be reopening on the 1st June please read our Operating Procedures The NYSO Team.

Operating Procedures

North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd.
Saddle Fitting and Operating Procedures Guidance from The UK Society of Master Saddlers and the British veterinary Association.


North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd have a duty to ensure that they are protecting you the client, and their staff by adhering to current government guidelines whilst resuming saddle fitting during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to minimise the risk as far as is reasonably practicable to you the client and the staff of North Yorkshire Saddles, and most importantly to reduce the spread of infection of Covid 19. We therefore ask you for your full cooperation with the new operating procedures during these challenging times.
During each fitting, the health and safety of the Staff of North Yorkshires Saddle Ltd, you the client and the horse are the main priority and must not be compromised. Additionally, we must work together to reduce any risk that may result in injury (for example, fitting a new saddle to a newly backed horse at this time)

Please see below the new procedures for Saddle Fitting -

Pre visit Procedure

1. Prior to visiting a clients’ premises a telephone consultation with your fitter will take place to:
a. Ascertain the nature of the fitting and who will be present.
b. Complete a Covid-19 risk assessment questionnaire with you the client prior to attending.
c. Take a full and detailed client and horse history - so that these items do not need to be discussed whilst at the appointment to reduce face to face time.
d. Advise that preferred payment method for your appointment will be by BACS made to North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd Account 24524357 Sort 40-47-31 or by card. All visits must be paid for 48 hours prior to our fitters’ attendance. Additional services will be invoiced on the day of appointment.
Our current call out rates is
Saddle Assessment per horse £50
Mileage charges are 0.45p per mile return as stated on AA Auto route mileage taken from Helperby YO61 2PL
(Please contact us if you require a quote for mileage prior to booking your appointment)
e. A further telephone conversation or text message will be sent the day prior to your visit to check if anyone at your property has any Covid 19 symptoms guidance - To ensure the consultation is safe to go ahead.
2. Travel and Assessment Fees will not be refunded should the appointment be cancelled or terminated by North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd due to unsafe operating conditions
3. North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd Saddle Fitters will be fully equipped with PPE, glasses, masks, gloves and overalls. These will be changed between each property visit to ensure our fitters safety.
5. We do not expect to have access to hand washing facilities as they are not always available, however if it safe to access external facilities with social distancing fitters may use them at the client’s discretion. All fitters will have a good supply hand sanitiser and hand wipes (minimum alcohol content 60%) for their personal use pre and post consultations.
6. All fitters will avoid entering buildings, such as a client’s house or other facilities, to wash hands. They will use sanitiser as an alternative
7. All equipment will be fully sanitised in between clients.
8, Additional clients at a location will be refused service unless pre booked with the fitter.

Travel to Work and Clients’ Premises

1. Saddle Fitters will travel alone to their appointments.
2. Stops en-route will be avoided other than to re fuel their vehicle.

What your North Yorkshire Saddles Fitter expects from our clients

1. A full, detailed and honest and open risk assessment to be completed as part of the booking process
2. Clear directions to your location
3. Suitable parking away from other people
4. A clean, calm, and well-behaved horse, who is content to be handled by the fitter.
5. A safe clean and quiet area ideally outside (if not a well-ventilated internal area with adequate space to self-distance adhering to the 2 metre ruling if possible), where the horse can be comfortably tied up
6. Thoroughly cleaned tack and equipment before the fitting, and ensure the equipment is not used after cleaning prior to the fitting.
7. The client to be wearing a face covering or face shield (These can be provided by North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd if you do not have access to this equipment )
8. For you not to touch any of the Fitter’s equipment unless invited to do so.
9. Your Saddle Fitter will not assist you to mount your horse at the block. If you need assistance in mounting, you must have someone to support you.
10. For you to observe social distancing always and respect the space required by the Fitter to carry out the fitting assessment. North Yorkshire Saddles must adhere to the following guidance Section 4.
11. Payment to be made for travel and assessment 48 hours prior to appointment by BACS or card.
12. To notify North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd if symptoms occur prior to the visit. The appointment will be then postponed.
13. To notify North Yorkshire Saddles Fitter if you develop any Covid 19 symptoms 14 days after your appointment.

What you can expect from your Fitter:

1. Your Fitter will take all precautions to observe hygiene procedures: cleaning all appropriate surfaces, disposing of cleaning materials, and used PPE
2. Your Fitter will wear appropriate PPE. This may include a face mask and/or shield, fresh gloves, coveralls, and eye protection.
3. Your Fitter will not touch anything that is not necessary as part of the fitting assessment
a. The Fitter will observe social distancing throughout the appointment
b. Your Fitter will modify their fitting protocols as per SMS guidance so that social distance may always be observed. If closer inspection is necessary when you are mounted, your Fitter may move closer than 2m to you in order to gain access to your tack: this is possible because they are wearing PPE. However, such proximity should only be maintained for a total of 15 minutes during the appointment
4. If your fitter has Covid 19 symptoms prior to your appointment the Fitter will notify you and the appointment will be postponed
5. Your Fitter will notify you if they develop symptoms with 14 days following your appointment.
Important Information about your booking
a. Appointments will be confirmed the day before to ensure circumstances have not changed. If the appointment is not confirmed by the client, the appointment will not be honoured by North Yorkshire Saddles Ltd
b. Any deposit/payment for the fitting/travelling fee is not refundable, but may be transferable should the appointment be cancelled the day before
c. Any payment for the fitting/travelling fee is not refundable should the appointment have to be terminated on the day because the Fitter feels that safe practises cannot be maintained, or if the appointment is cancelled on the day before the appointment for any reason other than suspected coronavirus risk.