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Kim Richards Eventing July 2015

27/07/2015 0 Comment(s)

Hey everyone,


Well May has been quite a quiet month for the team.

Firstly Sonny was entered for Warwick Hall in Carlisle at the beginning of the month but unfortunately he never got to have his first run of the season (yet again!) due to an allergic reaction to the oil seed rape pollen. Sonny was then given a couple of weeks off to recover and have some chill time before he started work again. I think it’s safe to say he’s feeling very well at the moment and has become like a 5 year old again to ride!

With Sonny becoming unexpectedly unavailable to run at Warwick Hall Ronaldo had to step up into his place! He behaved and acted surprisingly well after his last eventing attempt at Lincolnshire. He did a 34 dressage, clear SJ and left the start box!!He started off steady XC and was jumping but not quickly enough so we got pulled up by the officials and had to retire. We were very pleased with him all the same for trying and giving it ago and his attitude was fantastic.

We have carried on with Ronaldo’s event training and have got him entered for the Area 4 Horse Trial qualifiers which will take place at Helen Bells. I have decided to drop him down to the 90cm track to try and give him a bit more confidence XC after his shaky start to the season. Ronaldo has been working on his fitness and he can really lengthen his stride in canter when he puts his mind to it!! In the arena Ronaldo has been focusing on his lateral work and has become increasingly stronger he is turning into a big beast!!

Whisper has been an extremely moody mare this month so has been separated from the others and has been put in a paddock to herself. We’ve been continuing her dressage training to try and build on her first run at Northallerton. She is getting increasingly stronger and is very willing and quick to learn in the school, we’ve even started giving medium trot ago! She was very confused to begin with she couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that she had to lengthen her stride and not canter instead. Whisper’s next run will be next month and hopefully after another couple of runs at 80cm she can progress to the 90cm as she’s coping very well with everything that has been asked of her.

That’s all for now luckily June is going to be a bit busier!

Bye for now

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