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Cara Shardlow March 2017

13/03/2017 0 Comment(s)


So, after a shaky start to the year with 3 horses injured I really was not sure any of them would make it to the Regionals at the beginning of February- but by the skin of our teeth I made it with all three.


Sandonista and Mario Lanza were first on in the Novice Freestyle, this was Marios first big competition and I was so pleased with how he coped- although a little tense he made no big mistakes to come 10th.

Sandonista was very tense in the warm up but settled a little in the test but probably didn't preform our best one ever but came a respectable 4th. Sando came back the following day for the Elementary Gold and Freestyle. The Elementary was in an arena he had not been in before so although he had one big spook, dropping out of canter he still got a good score to come 4th again. He then went to do the Freestyle Elementary and was much more settled gaining 3rd on a very good score of 71.40%.

Unfortunately he missed out on qualifying for the Nationals by one place in all three classes which was a bit disappointing but I've just heard he is first in line for a wild card for the Elementary Freestyle if someone drops out- so he may still make it with over a month to go.


Detonator went on the Tuesday and although Bishop Burton is one of his pet hates he was brilliant just about containing his excitement at been back out partying. He came a fantastic 2nd in the Advanced Medium Freestyle to Sophie Wells and we got our ticket to the Nationals! It really was not expected so I'm thrilled! He was also 3rd in the PSG which he produced a better test but I was a little disappointed with the score. He then went to Myerscough Premier League and although still not back to full fitness and a bit rusty we held our own against some very hot combinations. Making silly mistakes in 3 out of 4 tests was costly but with a 6th and a 10th and then just out of the placings in strong classes I was very happy.


It was a great warm up for our 3rd selection for Great Britain. This was a bit last minute as we were on the reserves list but I am so pleased to be asked again so early in the year. So we head off to Keysoe CDI next week and I'll just go and enjoy the experience again, I really can't wait.

The Nationals are the middle of April with Detonator and maybe Sandonista if we are lucky!!


I've also had my youngster out locally for his first outing and he behaved incredibly well, we left the arena with a balance issue at one point but he had a nice experience and will get him out again ASAP.


                                                                      Till next time, 


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