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Bliss Liberty Range Dressage Saddle

Bliss Liberty Range Dressage Saddle
  • Brand: Bliss of London
  • Product Code: bliss lib dress
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £3,250.00


"The definitive one – no question" The Liberty Dressage has a lean elegant look entirely in keeping with its 'swish' design theme. The construction of the saddles simple clean lines are made possible using a technique called superforming, No other process enables such a complex flap design to be created with such crisp sharp lines and without seams or joins. This unique unparalleled design highlights every detail in a Bliss saddle. Rider comfort is focused on a unique straining of the tree and seat to create that blissful balance point and a more comfortable twist whatever your width of horse alongside the large soft moulded external block which provides direct positional support. The adjustable V-girthing system allows for fitting horses with differing girth lines and reduces any unnecessary movement.

From our knowledge and experience our saddles are designed to fit horses and riders of totally differing and irregular profiles effectively.

By using a combination of the English cut panel with gussets and an extensive range of traditional wooden spring saddle trees our designs will optimise the perfect fit for each horse. Each panel is flocked by hand using only 100% pure new wool for ease of adjustment whenever necessary.

We offer custom adjustments to meet your own individual requirements and leg placement.

Hip to knee measurements are considered more so for the length of the flap but it is your hip and knee angle that ultimately affects the positioning of the roll to provide the most appropriate support. We have a range of different size and height rolls to compliment this.

Please contact North Yorkshire Saddles to test ride this saddle.


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